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The Top 10 Valuable Snapchat Statistics – Updated March 2021

Snapchat Statistics – The stats that can’t be ignored

Snapchat’s growth is simply astounding as is its revenue and we had to expand our list to more than 10 incredible stats to consider.  With well over 5 billion Snaps created every day on average for Q4 2020 Snapchat is just too big to ignore as a communication medium.  Over 90 percent of the U.S. Gez Z population watched Shows and published content in Q4 2020. There is no denying that Snapchat is a force that digital marketers need to consider especially during the age of COVID.

Snapchat Statistics for Q4 2020

  1. Usage: Daily Active Users (DAUs) increased to 265 million Daily Active Users in Q4 which is an increase of 47 million or 22 percent YoY Growth in Q4 2020.  Comparatively, Snapchat saw 238 million in Q2 2020 from 229 million in Q1 2020 and compared to 218 million in Q4 2019.   There were 203 million daily active users (DAU) in Q2 2019 and 190 million daily active users (DAU) in Q1 2019 and 186 million in Q3 2018.
    • DAUs increased sequentially and year-over-year in each of North America, Europe, and Rest of World.
    • DAUs increased sequentially and year-over-year on both iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Over 5 Billion Snaps were created every day in Q4.
  3. 90 percent of the US market aged from 13 to 24 use Snap.  Expanding this audience to 13 to 34-Year-Old US population represents 75 percent of the audience. 
  4. On average, Snapchatters opened Snapchat 30 times every day in Q4 2020.
  5. Total daily time spent by Snapchatters over the age of 35 engaging with Shows and publisher content increased by more than 30% year-over-year.
  6. Digital native creator of sports and lifestyle content reached an average monthly audience of 64 million Snapchatters.
  7. Snapchat is the king of Augmented Reality with over 200 million daily active users engaging with augmented reality every day.
    • The Snapchat ‘Cartoon’ Lens powered by real-time machine learning generated 1 billion impressions in its first three days after launch.
  8. Snapchat added the ability for Snapchatters using their Scan functionality to search food and wine labels, which provided nutritional information and tasting notes in partnership with nutrition app Yuka and wine app Vivino.
  9. Archive Data:  Users 25 and older visited Snapchat approximately 12 times and spent approximately 20 minutes on Snapchat every day on average in the quarter ended December 31, 2016.  Users younger than 25 visited Snapchat over 20 times and spent over 30 minutes on Snapchat every day on average during the same period.
  10. Archive Data:  Since Snapchat skews to a younger audience it is vital that we consider the implications for what social media means to centennials.  The modern implications of social media on young people was driven home when we saw in the CNN 2015 documentary that eighth-graders were checking social media 100 times a day.  With that in mind, Centennials view social media as a virtual platform for building a sense of greater community. (Source: The Futures Company)
    • 68 percent of Centennials agree that “technology has made us feel more connected to each other”
    • 64 percent of Centennials say that they feel they like to keep up with what is going on in the world and social media is one of the chief ways of staying connected.
    • 59 percent of Centennials could use the statement “high tech is so much a part of our lives” to describe their generation.

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